Reinstall or Upgrade New Operating System

Change is as good as a holiday, so why not change your Operating System and feel like a new person. Maybe your version of Windows is out of date or, you simply want to reinstall it to start fresh. Your Techaroo is the perfect person to get the job done, and done with superb results. We can fix that for you!

We know that being without a computer is frustrating to say the least, so as part of the service we will install a temporary computer for you to get on with your life and work, because sometimes we will need to take your computer back to our offices in order to complete the work (not always!)

Service includes:

  • Install or Re-install on operating system on one computer
  • Ensure that all drivers have been installed
  • Update the system with lasted Windows patches
  • Verify the system is functioning properly
  • Install 2 additional applications of your choice
  • Limited to 2 hours labour
  • Requesting additional services not in the original package once we are on site may result in extra charges.
  • All hardware and software is provided by you unless requested for Techaroo to do so.