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  • Faulty Hard Drive SSD Solid State

    Posted in Recent Jobs on Nov 07, 2016

    A young 15-year-old gamer in Glen Iris, Melbourne reported his new second-hand gaming machine was not booting up and would get stuck on a black screen after eventually loading windows. This customer, although knowledgeable about computers, wasn't quite sure how to deal with this issue. The problem is unless you've had experience with a great amount of hardware and software issues it can be quite daunting to establish the exact cause. We set to work and immediately notice that Windows 10 would take an exceptionally long time to start up. Bearing in mind that the system was installed on a 240GB... Read More

  • High Latency And Packetloss On Pub Network

    Posted in Recent Jobs on Nov 07, 2016

    Customer in Prahran, Melbourne reported their internet connection was slow and occasionally would drop out altogether, and this had been going on for 2 years. The premises was a pub and included in the back of the pub were a few betting stations and IPTV for sports broadcasting. Upon arriving on site we began with some basic connectivity checks by pinging various items throughout the network and beyond. What we found was packet loss of 10% for a 400 packet ping test to services outside of the network such as Google DNS. Applying some basic logic we ruled out certain points of failure suc... Read More

  • How To Avoid Being A Victim To Online Scams

    Posted in Tutorials on Nov 06, 2016

    Money is the source of all evil as they say, and it's no wonder the internet is rife with corruption and scams. Criminals, which are often tech-savvy people, invent ways to rob people of everything they've worked hard for. The way we are using internet based applications these days makes us highly vulnerable to online scams. We need to be more alert, cautious, and smart with our browsing habits as these malicious internet organisations are constantly evolving and changing how they deliver scam content to us. Luckily there are some common obvious signs that can be used to determine if something... Read More

  • HP Desktop Windows 10 Flickering Screen

    Posted in Recent Jobs on Oct 31, 2016

    Call received from a business owner in Camberwell, Melbourne and described their issue as a Windows 10 flickering screen upon logging in. The flickering never happened at the login screen nor did the task manager flicker. Only the desktop, taskbar and icons were being removed and seconds later they returned. The computer was an HP and originally had Windows 8.1 installed but when Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a free upgrade the customer updated without a second thought. However, upgrading Windows versions from a well used Windows 8.1 version, in our opinion, is not recommended. The better so... Read More

  • Install New Hard Drive And Install Windows On HP 250 G3

    Posted in Recent Jobs on Oct 27, 2016

    We received a call today from a worried customer in Glen Waverley, 3150, Melbourne. What's that clicking and grinding noise? They ask. That, we're sorry to say, is either your hard drive on its way out or the fan struggling to keep up, unfortunately, it turned out it was the HDD. The Techaroo engineer diagnosed the issue on-site and although our engineers are equipped to perform this work on-site, he decided it would be better if he brought the laptop back to his workbench where he could work in comfort having access to all his additional tools and accessories. He then started the tedious task... Read More

  • Toshiba Satellite Laptop L650D Cracked Screen Repair

    Posted in Recent Jobs on Oct 26, 2016

    A Techaroo customer in Springvale, 3171, Melbourne called us in tears telling us how they accidentally stepped on their laptop screen.  The Toshiba Satellite Laptop L650D is 3 years old and has been used a fair bit. They were undecided on whether to replace the entire laptop or call Techaroo for a quote. After receiving our extremely competitive quote they rang us back immediately and book us in for the repair.  We arrived on site at the time agreed, reproduced the error just to make sure she the screen was indeed cracked and that she wasn't about to waste money on a non-existant repair (not t... Read More

  • Upgrade Intel Motherboard CPU and Memory

    Posted in Recent Jobs on Oct 25, 2016

    South Yarra, Melbourne was our next appointment. A student called us up and said they were familiar with software but was completely out of their depth when it came to computer hardware upgrades. We reassured him that he had come to the right place. The job was an hourly rate job, so doing the job quickly and professionally is how we approached it. We arrived on site at the agreed time and had a look at the job. This was his current hardware, and he wanted to replace the mainboard, CPU and RAM with something with more performance so he could play the somewhat resource intensive games durin... Read More

  • 6 Simple Steps To Speed Up Your Computer

    Posted in Tutorials on Oct 25, 2016

    Feeling frustrated with the speed of your computer? Perhaps you're thinking of tossing it out and spending money on a new one? Wait! Read this before you do so, it may just save you some dosh. Windows may slow down over time due to various reasons. It may also happen that some of the functions do not execute properly or take more than the usual time during the execution. These types of issues are common, and mostly occur when your computer has become slow. In most of the cases, a restart may fix many issues; for example, an issue with your internet browser not opening may be fixed just by the... Read More

  • Protecting Windows With System Image Backups

    Posted in Tutorials on Oct 14, 2016

    The inevitable crash will hit when you least expect it, and when it happens it you should be prepared. If not for yourself, do it for anyone who comes to help fix your computer, like Techaroo :) It's extremely helpful that Windows provides a few different backup options built in, File History and System Image Backups. In a previous article, we covered File History and how to backup your files and folders with revisions. In this article, we will guide you through a step by step walk-through on how to backup your entire system. The different between the two is File History creates revisions of e... Read More

  • Prevent Ransomware In 4 Easy Steps

    Posted in Tutorials on Oct 09, 2016

    Trust us when we say Ransomware will make you shed a tear. Honestly, It is that bad.  Spare a few minutes and follow these simple steps to save you time and money.  Ransomware is, in our opinion, the worse of the breed. This malicious software, also known as "malware", has for many years wreaked havoc on personal and business computers throughout the world, and unfortunately has become a part of everyday cyber attacks. While ransomware is delivered in many forms, the main infection causes are primarily through innocent looking email attachments and websites. The software installs itself after... Read More