Setup New Computer or Laptop

Hey, who doesn't love getting a shiny new computer? Our Teachroos do, way more than we like to admit. Why not get a Techroo on-site and allow them to demonstrate their expertise to unbox, install, configure and demonstrate how to use it. Our tech will set up anti-virus software, install security updates, and make sure your computer is setup with great care.

Service includes:

  • Setup a single desktop or laptop
  • Install 2 additioanl software applications of your choice
  • Perform system updates
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Help setup user accounts
  • Test hardware and software functionality
  • Limited to 2 hours labour
  • Requesting additional services not in the original package once we are on site may result in extra charges.
  • All hardware and software is provided by you unless requested for Techaroo to do so.