Setup New Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Device

That moment you realise you're running out of hard drive space! Seriously, we've all been there. We have a solution, why not attach a storage device to your wifi or wired network? What this solves is the ability to access your files and folders from any device, anywhere in the office or home. Secondly, your precious data is kept separately from your computer and in a safe location such as a cupboard or shed.

Service includes:

  • Setup and configure NAS
  • Connect up to 2 additional devices to the storage device
  • Provide help on how to use the device
  • Configure backups of your desktop to the remote storage
  • Limited to 1 hours labour
  • Requesting additional services not in the original package once we are on site may result in extra charges.
  • All hardware and software is provided by you unless requested for Techaroo to do so.