Setup New Wifi Device

Are you fed-up of being wired to a single place in your home? Want to work outside in the garden? Get up, stretch your legs, and take a walk to the phone. Call your Techaroo and we will gladly drive on over, setup your wireless network in your home and show you how to use it. They will also make sure your computers, handhelds, smart home products, printers, and other streaming devices always stay connected.

Service includes:

  • Configure and secure a single wifi access point
  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connections
  • Test and demonstration stable connectivity
  • Connect up to 2 additional peripheral devices to the network
  • Limited to 1 hours labour
  • Requesting additional services not in the original package once we are on site may result in extra charges.
  • All hardware and software is provided by you unless requested for Techaroo to do so.